Contacts for Empty Mansions

Publicity contacts

Send an email to Cindy Murray and Michelle Jasmine at Random House. Also please send a copy of your email to Bill Dedman.

Contact the authors

Send an email to Bill Dedman.

Rights inquiries

Send an email to Michael Carlisle at Inkwell Management and Matthew Snyder at CAA.


Follow Bill Dedman on Facebook.


Follow Bill Dedman on Twitter.

Autographed books

Here’s how to have your copies of "Empty Mansions" signed by the authors:

  1. Buy books. See a list of booksellers.
  2. Send the books to Bill Dedman, 1771 Post Road East, #125, Westport, CT 06880. Bill will sign your books, and send them to Paul, who will sign and send them back to you.
  3. Include your name and mailing address. Yes, books sometimes arrive with no indication who sent them.
  4. Include a note with names if you want the books inscribed to a particular person.
  5. Include cash or a check to Bill Dedman for U.S. Postal Service media mail: The hardcover books are 2 pounds each, so the rates to ship them (twice) are $6.34 for one book, $8.26 for two books, $10.18 for three books, $12.06 for four books, and $13.90 for five books. (Cut these rates in half for paperbacks.)
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Empty Mansions: The Mysterious Life of Huguette Clark and the Spending of a Great American Fortune